CBD Oil 30:1 by Papa & Barkley

Essiac Tea by Starwest Botanicals

Essiac Capsules by Essiac International

Wheat Grass Powder by Micro Ingredients

Classic Dietary Supplement by Reliv International

LunaRichX Capsules by Reliv International

Multivitamin by Naturelo

Meal Replacement by Garden of Life

Vitamin B-12 by Natrol

Vitamin C by Doctor’s Best

Vitamin D3 by Sports Research

Milk Thistle by Pureco

Theracurmin by Integrative Therapeutics. I switched from this to the FarmHaven brand —>

Turmeric Curcumin by FarmHaven

Turkey Tail Mushroom by Real Mushrooms

Mushroom Defense Formula by Daily Nutra. Was taking these, but at the advice of a nurse I switched to Turkey Tail Mushroom

Chlorella by Potent Organics

Spirulina by Potent Organics

Omega-3 Fish Oil by Sports Research

Melatonin by Life Extension

Vitamin E by Life Extension

Biotin by Sports Research. Using this to try and save the hair I have left!

Collagen Plus by Dr. Emil Nutrition. Instead of Cold Capping…Oncology suggested I try this to save my hair

Aloe Vera Juice by Lily of the Desert

Shampoo & Conditioner by pura d’or. Chemo has tremendously thinned out or taken most of my hair. Using this to fight back and hopefully restore my curls!!!
Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner by Renpure
Biotin & Collagen Oil Treatment for Hair by OGX

Fenbendazole by Safe Guard

Fenbendazole by Panacur C
Deep Blue by DoTerra. Use for muscle aches & pains.
Leucovorin dries out your hands & feet. I use this with Eucerin Lotion to keep them moisterized.
Indigo Wild Frankincense & Myrrh Zum Rub by Zum. Relieves the aches in my feet from Neuropathy.
Eucerin Lotion. Leucovorin dries out your hands and feet. The nurses in Oncology suggested I use this.
Marcy Smith Cage Machine
T25…doesn’t really need any further explaining 🙂
Chemo weakened my muscles so I had to start at the beginning with light weights (after straining my shoulder muscle twice) and I am gradually working my way back up
Ab Dolly
(thank you Orange Theory…works great)
Pilates Resistance Ring by Prosource Fit
Foam Roll by Gold’s Gym

Portable Sauna by Oppsdecor. Gym membership CANCELLED!!! I can detox at home now 🙂
Massager by Dr. Scholl’s
I use this every night
Foot Massager by HoMedics
I use this every night
Diffuser by InnoGear
Car Diffuser by DoriMiDirect
VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifer by VicTsingDirect
Unicorn Station Bamboo Washcloths
These were a life saver. Neuropathy made regular washcloths feel like Brillo pads on my hands.
Extra Large Pill Organizer by Karmacare…makes it so much easier to take your meds.

Heated Electric Mattress Pad by SoftHeat
A family member that is also a cancer warrior told me to get this. It helps with aches and the shooting pains I get from Neuropathy.
The Serenity Prayer…has always been my go to even before cancer! It is hung on my wall.
Wall Art…I think I got it at Walmart or the Dollar Tree
Inhale Exhale Art Print by Homedeco
Quote by Less Brown that I hung up on my wall. Definitely encourages me to hang on when chemo knocks me down. I have it on the side of my bed so I can roll over and look at it when I have my down days.
One day a sweet little girl came around the Infusion department and passed out painted rocks with motivational phrases on them. I picked this one.
I have motivational/inspirational quotes in my phone, hung around my house, and now that I am back to work I will be hanging them back up around my desk.
One of my favorite these days is Jane McLelland’s “Passive patients die, noisy ones live”.
So I say “Let’s make some noise people and turn these dreadful statistics around!!!
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2 thoughts on “Supplements/Exercise/Inspiration

  1. hi noel, I just came across yr blog while looking up interactions between essiac tea & aloe vera juice. I just wanted to say thank you thank you for writing such a clear and thorough record of all you’ve been doing & taking & offering it as a resource for others, both practically & inspirationally. I don’t know if yr page gets much traffic but I found it randomly today & it touched my life.
    keep loving, keep fighting
    jp savoie


    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that my story touched you. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and I hope it was helpful. I still take my Essiac tea and aloe Vera shots every day. 🙂


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