“History in the Making” my cousin’s clothing line. He is an entrepreneur and I’m so proud.
April 2021 – All smiles at work.
Stratosphere in Las Vegas May 2021
On one of the Stratosphere roller coasters with my best friend’s husband…Shane. We had so much fun!
My best friend Nancy and her son Jonathan. Jonathan is such an awesome kid. Again…we had so much fun and laughed the entire time.
Selfie I took to start off my summer. Still trying to keep smiling and stay positive.
When I was on Folfox I developed neuropathy. It was so hard to walk and stand. I love to dance. I don’t have much rhythm. I’m clumsy as hell, and neuropathy didn’t help. In 2019 I didn’t think I’d be able to dance again. I was at a 4th of July BBQ and the Cupid Shuffle came on. I remember trying to hang with everyone and I couldn’t. I’d have to pause and eventually gave up. I never ever had ever passed up the Cupid Shuffle until that day. This video speaks volumes as to how far I have come. My aunt Sandi recorded this. I had a little trouble at the end of the dance floor but once I got back in step I was good to go. I’m proud of myself. Acupuncture and vibration therapy helped me get to this point!!!
Skydiving 8/21/2021
Skydiving 8/21/2021 – My landing
Granddaughter’s Alexis and Daisy. Feeling blessed. 💜
Genoa, Nevada
Virginia City
Vacation Mode